What alerts and notifications does Biba send?

Push Notifications
  • 1 on 1 and Group Messaging are very similar to iMessage and are more "noisy" - meaning we send push notifications for each message sent for each recipient.
  • If your mobile device is connected to our servers, we send a push notification that uses our formatting and has more message information. If your mobile devices is not connected, then we use the Apple and Google services which, as you know, are more limited with regard to format and content.
  • Chat Rooms are less "noisy" where members can "watch" the activity related to a particular topic. Members can choose to send a push notification to a specific using the @ mention feature.
Device priority
  • If you have a desktop device, we will always send push notifications to your desktop.
  • If your desktop device is idle or offline we will send push notifications to your mobile device.
  • If Biba is not running on your mobile device, we use the device push network (Apple or Google) to send a push notification.
  • If you start sending messages from your mobile, we will consider your mobile device active and direct notifications to your mobile device.
  • We don't think that you want all of your devices to make noise when you get a chat message (note we will ring all your devices when a call is starting). So we use the Device priority described above to figure out which device to send the notification(s) to.
  • If the Biba app is in the foreground or you are on a Biba call we do not make noise, we will increment the unread count and show a growl message.
  • If the Biba app is in the background on desktop, we will animate the Biba app icon, show the growl on the screen and make a noise.
Desktop vs Mobile and Chat Rooms
  • On the Desktop app, a user can have multiple Chat Rooms "open" or listed under Chat Rooms and we will increment each with unread counts.
  • On the Mobile app, a user has one Room open at a time and therefore does not get unread counts incremented for each new message added to the Chat Room.
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