Can I lock my meeting so no one can dial in?

The organizer of the meeting (or their delegates) have the ability to lock and unlock their meeting. 

The lock/unlock button (is a toggle) and is located at the bottom of the call roster, or from the More menu. Only the organizer and their delegates can see the button or the option.

Once a meeting is locked

  • Who can't join
    • No one can join the meeting using your "My Biba Meeting PIN"
    • No one can dial-in with the 10 digit code
    • No one can access the screen share url with the 10 digit code
  • Who still can join
    • Users signed into the Biba app who were invited can join using VoIP
    • Users signed into the Biba app can click "Answer" > "Dial in" and then choose to Call in
    • Users can Add Attendees (Biba contacts) from the More Menu
    • We will generate a special "personal" PIN - you can send attendees their special PIN to get back in by clicking on their name on the Roster and select Email Meeting Info. This PIN can be used with the dial-in numbers or in the screen share URL

If you wish to allow users to join using your 10 digit meeting PIN, unlock the meeting, then re-lock after the caller has been added/reconnected.

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