How can I keep my meetings from overlapping - One Time PIN

If you have back-to-back meetings scheduled, you can prevent people from joining the wrong meeting if they dial in early, or if the first meeting runs long by creating one of the meetings with a One Time PIN.  Even if you have back-to-back-to-back meetings all day long, just alternate the One Time PINs with your own.

From your desktop app, click the Schedule button and select One Time PIN.  When you do, you'll notice that the PIN in the Schedule Meeting Instructions will change from your number to a new one - this will be a different number each time. 

Complete scheduling the meeting with Google or Outlook and this number will be added to your meeting info instead of your own PIN.  You'll notice that the attendees include as usual, but there will also be pin+<sinlge use PIN #> 

If you don't use Outlook or Google, you can manually schedule your meeting for a single use PIN by adding to the attendees as you normally would for a Biba meeting, but also add pin+<sinlge use PIN #> as an attendee.


One Time PINs are not just restricted to scheduled meetings.  You can also select a One Time PIN when you use Meet Now - either for a full meeting or a screen share only.


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