The Settings Screen on Mobile

 Below is a list of all the features you can control on the mobile Settings tab:

  • Sign out of Biba


  • Add email addresses to your account, and change which address is primary.


  • Toggle to automatically send a Biba invite to your meeting attendees (who aren't already registered).





  • Share your presence availability (available, mobile, busy, idle, not logged in) - this can only be set on mobile.

Everyone - everyone can see your presence info

My Organizations - Only people in your organization can see your presence info, all others will see the lock.

No One - No one can see your presence, your presence will always show the lock to others.


  • Send feedback - Feedback comes to Biba Customer Care, and (if checked) includes your Biba diagnostic logs.  Great way to get quick help for an issue you're seeing.  (learn more here).


  • About - Which Biba version you currently have installed.


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