How to add contacts in Biba

Before you can call or message anyone in Biba, you'll need to add them as a contact.

You’ll probably notice that you already have at least one contact – The Care Team @Biba will automatically message you a couple minutes after you sign up, and you can call or message them with any questions.  

Between 6am & 6pm Pacific time, you will receive an answer from an actual person, who is in no way a robot!

If there are other Biba users from the same email domain already signed up, you will also see them in your contacts (unless you signed up using a public domain such as gmail or yahoo).  Your contacts can be found by clicking Message > and searching using Name or email address.

To add more contacts:

Anyone with an email address can be added to your contacts – no phone number necessary.

On a Desktop App:

Click Add Contact from the launchpad at the top of the Biba screen and type or paste in the email address of the person you'd like to add to your contacts and click the Add Contact button.

When you add a contact

  • If they’re already registered, you’ll be able to call or message them immediately.
  • If they have not already created a Biba account, they will receive an email that says you would like to communicate with them on Biba, and includes instructions on how to download and register. The new contact will appear to you as a greyed out email address until they register. Once they've registered, you will see their name and will be able to call and message them. 

On a Mobile App:

Tap the plus button from the upper right corner of your contacts screen to manually type in email addresses, or you can tap the plus button again to select existing contacts from your device.


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