What's with the colored dots? Presence.

Those dots by your name and your contacts is the Biba presence information.

Your presence is determined based on a number of inputs:

  • Your manual presence setting.
  • Your calendar (uploaded using the Biba app on Android or iOS).
  • If you are on a Biba call or not.
  • Your Biba device
    • If your desktop client has no activity (keyboard or mouse clicks) for 5 minutes or screen locked/screensaver active.
    • If you are active on your mobile device.
    • You have had no Biba activity for > 6 hours

Presence privacy

  • You have the ability to set your presence privacy (Go to Settings in the mobile apps). By default it is shared with Everyone. You can limit it to just your organization (your email domain) or make it private so no one else can see your presence information (they will just see grey lock next to your name).

Provided the viewer has access to your presence information, this is how we figure out what to show:

  • If your manual presence is set, we show that.
    • Red is busy
    • Green is available
  • If your manual presence is Automatic:
    • Red if you are on a Biba call or your calendar indicates that you are in a meeting
    • Orange if you only have a desktop client and your Mac or PC goes idle
    • Green if you are on your desktop client and not busy or idle
    • Mobile if you are not on your desktop client and have a mobile client
    • Grey if we have not seen any Biba client activity for 6 hours


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