Why do you want my company email?

Think of Biba as your primary tool to use for real-time interactions with your business colleagues. This includes voice calls and conference calls, chat, group chat, screen share and video. We believe your work graph is primarily formed around your business email address which is also tightly tied to your calendar application. By using this email address, you enable Biba to quickly connect you and your colleagues, partners and/or consultants.

We do support free webmail addresses like gmail.com, yahoo.com, hotmail.com and others, so you can use those email accounts to also use Biba to connect with other users. We just believe that the value of building a Biba contact list with your work colleagues linked to your work calendar improves communications and your productivity at work.

If you have multiple emails, you can add additional emails to your Biba account to keep all your communication in one place.

To manage the email addresses associated with your Biba account, log into one of your devices and do the following:

  • Windows: Choose Settings from the File Menu, click on the Account Tab and follow the instructions
  • OSX: Choose Preferences from the Biba Menu, click on the Account Tab and follow the instructions
  • iOS: Choose Settings at the bottom and + Add email address
  • Android: Choose Settings along the top menu (slide to the left) and + Add email address
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