How do I download and register for Biba?

First you need to download the app.  If you've received an invite email from a friend or colleague, click on the Get Biba button.

This will take you to (or you can navigate directly their directly).

Click Download Now and Biba will direct you to the correct download for your OS.

Once you've downloaded the app, click to create an account and fill in the requested information.  

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • How you fill in the first and last name is how you will appear in contacts list
  • You should use the work email address you get invited to meetings with (you can add additional email addresses to your account) 

A verification email will be sent to the address you use to register to ensure you own the email address.  Click the Verify button in the email to verify your valid email address, then go back to the app and Sign In.

Make sure to stay signed into Biba so that you get notified for meetings and participate in Biba Messaging.

Get Biba for both mobile and desktop devices so you an always stay connected. Just use the same Sign In and password on your second (and even third) device.

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