Merging existing Biba accounts

If you've created multiple Biba accounts on more than one email address, and would like to only have one account that receives the new activity from your other accounts, you can merge the secondary address(es) to your primary account*.


Windows:  Go to Help > Settings and select the Account tab

OS X:  Go to Biba > Preferences and select the Account tab

Here you can add or remove email addresses, and change which address is the primary email for the account.  Biba emails will be sent to the primary address.


Go to Settings, and under Account, tap + Add email address.  Enter the email address you'd like to add.

Once listed, you can tap the email address to either remove or make the Primary.

You will be alerted that the email address you're attempting to add already has a Biba account associated with it, and that an email has been sent (to the secondary address) with instructions on how to merge the accounts*.

*IMPORTANT:  The content of the secondary merged account(s) will no longer be available, and merged accounts cannot be unmerged.

 (example of email you will receive)

SUBJECT: [ACTION REQUIRED] Complete merge of your Biba accounts
FROM: Biba Support
You recently requested for us to merge these Biba accounts:

To complete the merging of these accounts, click here. Note: this is not reversible.

If this was requested in error, ignore this email and these accounts will remain separate.

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