Do I need the Biba app to join a Biba conference call?

The short answer is no.

Biba offers three ways to join your Biba conference call. 


Join on the Biba App - Requires the Biba app & registered Biba account

If you're a registered Biba user, you just need to be signed into Biba when the call starts, and Biba will send you a notification, allowing you to join the call on Biba.

Joining your call on the Biba app gives you access to all the Biba features, including screen share, video and the call roster, as well as all call controls and messaging.

Join by PIN - Requires the Biba app

If you have the app and meeting PIN, registered Biba users can click Join from the Home Page or Meetings > Join from Launchpad on desktop, then enter the meeting PIN.  This can be helpful if the Biba meeting was created but users weren't invited.

Join by PIN is also available from the sign in screen, so you don't need to be signed in, or even registered to join your call using the meeting PIN.  This is a great option to quickly get non-Biba users into the meeting.

Joining your call by PIN gives you access to screen share, video and limited call controls.

Join by Dial In - Does not require the Biba app

When you register for Biba, you are instantly provisioned with a conference bridge, audio conference PIN and a screen-sharing web link.  Including these in your meeting information allows non Biba users to dial into the call on their phone, and use the link to view any shared screens in their browser.

Joining your call by dial in gives you access to the audio portion of the call and the ability to view shared screens on your browser.


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