Can I only meet with other Biba users?

Absolutely not!

At Biba, we want to give you the meeting flexibility that you require to have productive meetings. So we provide a number of different ways to communicate with your colleagues.

Of course, if they are on Biba, they'll get the full array of features.

List of Features, Based on How You Join

Biba Basic: Dial in with Passcode and Screen Share Link:

When you signed up for Biba, you were assigned your own call bridge and associated PIN and screen share viewing link.  You can find this on the call screen on mobile, or from the Launchpad under Meetings > Schedule a Meeting. 

Paste your PIN information into your meeting details and you and your call attendees can use the provided dial-in number and PIN to dial into the call.  If they're on their cell phone, they just have to tap the dial-in and PIN and they'll be connected to the call.

Biba Basic with Screen Sharing

We do require the attendee(s) that will want to share their screen to be using the Biba desktop app. As the meeting organizer you can choose to dial-in using your phone number and passcode or use the Biba App for VoIP.

Simply click Start Meeting from the Biba Home Page or Meeting > Start Meeting from the Launchpad and choose to start a meeting and choose Screen Share Only. You will share your screen and other attendees that do not have Biba can use your Screen Share viewer URL to view your screen using a web browser.

If any meeting attendees on the Biba desktop app share their screens, the dialed in attendees can use the screen share link to view the shared screens in their web browser.

Join by PIN:

Meeting attendees can also benefit from some of the call and roster features including the ability to share their screen or participate in the video portion of the meeting without having to register for a Biba account. 

They will first need to download the Biba app for Mac, Windows, iOS or Android ( (video currently only available on desktop)

When they launch the app, they can choose to Join Using PIN and then enter the meeting passcode and a name that will show on the roster to identify them, and they will be added to the meeting.

And if you happen to need to add someone to a call that has already started, remember the information needed to join the meeting is at the bottom of the Roster.


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