Can I record my meetings?

Meetings can be recorded by the meeting organizer or their delegates on and the option is available from any Biba client (Windows, OSX, iOS and Android).

Below are the instructions and images showing the controls for Windows or OSX clients. From a mobile client, you will find the recording options under the ... menu.

Once your meeting has begun, select additional call features by clicking "More" from the call menu.

Select "Record meeting" to begin recording.

You can also click the Record button from the bottom of the call roster.

Screenshot_2014-05-13-13-57-47.pngAll call attendees will receive an alert when the call recording begins, and once it ends.  Keep in mind that you can't pause the recording.  If you stop and start recording over the course of the same call, you will end up with multiple files for that call.

Once you've stopped recording, you will get a message through Biba from Biba Recordings which contains a download link for an MP3 audio file of your audio-only call, or an MP4 audio/video file of your call with audio and screenshare.

Your recording can take awhile to transcode and send,  depending on how long your meeting was, and whether there were shared screens.  There's no hard & fast rule, but it's not unusual for an hour long meeting with screenshare to take 30-40 minutes to send.

You can always find your old recordings by bringing up the message thread from Biba Recordings.  Click on Messages from the launchpad and search for Biba Recordings.  You can also set Biba Recordings as a favorite contact, and it will stay under the Favorites tab.



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