Does Biba have an Outlook plug in for Windows?

Yes we do, and it's really easy to install and use.

We support Outlook 2010 and 2013 for Windows and here is all you have to do:

In your Biba for Windows app, click Meetings > Schedule a Meeting from the Launchpad.

If you have Outlook already installed, we will automatically select it for you as your Calendar Application. Set your meeting details (choose International numbers and Type of PIN), and click Schedule with Outlook. We will then prompt you to install the plug in.

Follow the prompts to install the plug-in. If Outlook is running when you install, you will need to restart Outlook to view the Biba button.

Once installed (and Outlook is restarted), you can either

  1. Click Meeting > Schedule Meeting to schedule a meeting from Biba,
  2. Go to your Outlook calendar and click on Schedule Biba Meeting
  3. Create a new Outlook event by double-clicking on the calendar and then choose Schedule Biba Meeting

The first time you use the plug-in you will be prompted for your credentials. Enter your Biba credentials and we will link the Add-in to your Biba PIN.

Note that if your Outlook Ribbon is not pinned (i.e. you do not see the "Schedule Biba Meeting" item), click the Meeting header and you should be prompted for your credentials.

If you're delegated to create scheduled Biba meetings on behalf of another user, you'll have the option to choose whether you're setting up the meeting with yourself as the organizer, using your own meeting PIN, or on behalf of the other user(s), using their meeting PIN.


Outlook schedule window will pop up with, and the correct user's PIN information already loaded, and you just need to continue scheduling your meeting.

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