Desktop Remote Control

While on a call, sometimes viewing a shared desktop isn't enough, and it's easier to just "take the wheel and drive".  This can be especially helpful while doing a demonstration, or troubleshooting an issue.

If you're on a call on your Windows or Mac desktop app, you can request to take control of another user's desktop, provided they are on Windows or Mac Biba as well.

While on a call with a user who is sharing their entire desktop (rather than a window), click the Call tab on the toolbar and select "Request Shared Control".  The person sharing their desktop will get a prompt to deny or allow the shared control.


Once you allow the sharing of your desktop, the gold band around the desktop will turn red, so you know at a glance that control of your desktop is being shared. 

The cursors of both the viewer and sharer are visible and labeled so you can easily tell which belongs to whom.


Either the viewer or the sharer can end the remote control session at any time.

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