Scheduling a Biba call

Scheduling a Biba Meeting

First, make sure you have Biba installed.

If you have Biba installed on Windows or Mac, and you use Google Calendar or Outlook, we've made it super easy to schedule your meetings, right from the Biba app.

  • Click on Meetings > Schedule a Meeting from the Launchpad

  • Select which Calendar you want to use - If you have Outlook 2010 or 2013 on Windows we will automatically choose Outlook Calendar for you. You can also choose Google or Other. We will remember what you choose for future meetings.

  • If you have a premium account, and know you'll have International folks dialing into the call, you can also select International dial in numbers from the drop down, and the numbers will be added to your meeting instructions* Oh, and we will remember these for the future so you don't have to change them all the time.

  • Choose whether to use your own PIN, or a one-time PIN.  One-time PINS are helpful if you're scheduling back to back meetings and don't want callers to join the wrong meeting.

  • Click Schedule with Outlook/Google (depending on which calendar you chose).  The first time you schedule with Outlook, you'll be prompted to install our Biba for Outlook plug-in.  Just follow the instructions. When you are prompted, you will need to sign in to the plug-in with your Biba credentials.

    Once you click Schedule with Outlook or Schedule with Google, a new calendar event will open in Outlook or Google, with already loaded as an attendee, and the appropriate PIN information included, depending on meeting type chosen.*  Add your attendees and save, being sure to notify attendees.

  • If you use a calendar program other than Outlook or Google, we will provide instructions to add as an attendee, optionally add pin+<one-time PIN> and copy/paste the meeting instructions into your meeting details.

  • That's it, meeting scheduled!


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